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Superbly located for fish processing

Milford Fish Docks is a thriving port on the west coast of the UK. It is Wales’ largest fishing port with 3,000 tonnes landed annually (averaged 2010-2014) from the Spanish and Belgian fleets as well as the inshore fishing fleet.

With a catch area covering the Bristol Channel, Irish Sea, and the Celtic Sea, Milford Fish Docks gives you immediate access to a great range of the freshest wetfish and shellfish for processing. As well as getting the freshest produce, you can also minimise mark ups from middlemen and reduce your transportation costs. Furthermore, if you are looking at secondary processing, Pembrokeshire has a strong reputation for its agricultural produce. The proximity to this produce contributes further to product freshness and reduced transportation costs.

Your product can be marketed as Welsh produce. The fish and shellfish are classed, in their own right, as landed in Wales, and processed foods can be additionally marketed as local, Pembrokeshire or Welsh.

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How We Help You

Our sister company Quayside Properties has purpose built fish processing units suitable for both primary and secondary fish processing, right here at Milford Fish Docks.

Locating your business here provides:

  • Access to fresh produce 
  • Excellent, purpose built facilities
  • Fast, uncongested road network to the M4 and beyond
  • Managed costs

Find out more about properties for fish processing and other uses by contacting Quayside Properties