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When navigating to Milford Fish Docks, considerations should be made for the Castlemartin Range Sea Danger Area, Cardigan Bay Danger Area, Port of Milford Haven Notices to Mariners, lock times and fishing vessel entry requirements. Read about these below.

Castlemartin Range

The gunnery ranges at Castlemartin are active for most of the year, starting in January and ending in mid-December.

The danger area extends out to sea from the coast between Little Furznip, (51° 39”2 N 05° 03”5 W) and St. Govans Head (51° 35”8 N, 04° 55”5 W).

The actual danger area on any particular day depends on the type of weapons and ammunitions being fired. The area can extend out to 12 nautical miles off the coast, or as little as 3 nautical miles.

Anyone wishing to enter this area when the Ranges are firing should call Range Control or the Range Safety Craft positioned either side of the Range on their Maritime Radio (Call sign: Castlemartin Range Control) on VHF Ch16 to be given a route that will allow them to pass through without effecting any live firing templates.


Cardigan Bay Danger Area - MOD Aberporth

MOD Aberporth Range is situated in Cardigan Bay north of the Milford Haven Waterway beyond Strumble Head. The landward range covers some 550 acres and is the base for the testing of air launched weapons and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The Range has a Sea Danger Area which covers 6,500 square kilometres of Cardigan Bay from sea level to unlimited height. The extent of the Sea Danger Area is shown on the map below.

Normal operating hours are from 0900hrs to 1700hrs Monday to Friday, but the Range does occasionally operate outside these hours and at weekends.

It is worth noting that the actual area for live firing on any particular day depends on the type of activity taking place so will vary the extent and location of any exclusion to use by recreational vessels.

For anyone transiting this part of the coast you should check the latest trials programme notice before going. It is recommended that you contact Aberporth Range Control on +44(0) 1239 813480, or Marine Control on +44(0) 1239 813760 who will advise you of the best days to transit the danger area. Alternatively the Range Control can be contacted on VHF channel 16 and 11f.

More information and guidance is available on the MOD Aberporth website.


Accessing Milford Fish Docks

Notices to Mariners

The Port of Milford Haven regularly issue Notices to Mariners which should be reviewed before transiting the Milford Haven Waterway.

View Notices to Mariners issued by the Port of Milford Haven

View the Tide Tables for the Port of Milford Haven


Lock times

Access and egress of Milford Fish Docks is via a lock therefore we advise all vessel masters to check the lock times prior to arrival and departure and vessel masters must contact Pier Head on VHF channel 14 before entering or leaving.

View lock times


Fishing Vessel Entry Requirements

Download fishing vessel entry requirements in English

Download fishing vessel entry requirements in Flemish

Download fishing vessel entry requirements in French

Download fishing vessel entry requirements in Spanish