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History of Milford Fish Docks

Milford Haven became home to a thriving and important fishing port in the 19th Century. On 27th September 1888, the steam trawler ‘Sybil’ was the first vessel to enter Milford Docks.

Trawler owners from ports all around the British coast were quick to spot the advantages of fishing from Milford Haven, the most important of which were: proximity to good fishing grounds, a sheltered anchorage, and direct rail links to London and other centres where the fish could be marketed.

Throughout the first half of the 20th Century, Milford residents boasted that each weekday was a pay-day, as the fishermen were noted for spending their hard earned income. Even through the years of the Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s Milford sustained its busy and bustling quayside atmosphere.

Today, Milford Haven is home to the largest fishing port in Wales.

To find out more about Milford Haven’s fascinating history and its role in the fishing, whaling and oil industries, visit Milford Haven Museum.


Milford Fish Docks Timeline


The Lowestoft registered steam trawler 'Sybil' was the first fishing vessel to enter the newly opened dock on 27th September


Cardiff Pure Ice and Cold Storage opens the first ice factory in the port


First smoke house is opened


On 2nd September, 29 trawlers land fish for Monday market, largest ever Monday landing at the port


24 Belgian trawlers and 700 Belgian civilians arrive in the port, evacuees from war torn Belgium


Circa 1925 an iconic poster was designed by the Great Western Railway which advertised Milford Haven as 'where fish comes from'; reinforcing the significance of Milford Haven as a fishing port


Spanish Pareja fleet starts to land catches at the port


Milford Haven Ice Co. acquires ice making factory from Brand and Curzon


24 Dutch trawlers arrive at port to form mine-sweeping squadron


Fleet returns from Naval service


Unique electronic Fish Auction facility introduced


Record tonnages landed at Milford Fish Docks - the highest in 10 years


Record tonnages landed at Milford Fish Docks - the highest in 15 years


New flake ice plant installed at Milford Fish Docks - the only one in Wales


New box washing facility, chill store, storage units and processing units opened


Celebrating 130th anniversary